St Kilda is known for her interesting layers, infamous characters and colourful establishments that usually find their way into our history books through their notoriety.

One of those establishments with more than an assorted history is Saint Martins Place on St Kilda Road. First established in 1867, she has been home to many infamous characters and events and has known by many names.

As they say…. “Never Judge A Book By Its Cover”
Saint Martins Place is known as one of those very unassuming books from the outside, however, once you walk thru the doors a world of intrigue and amazement draws you into its many chapters.

Saint Martins Place is Melbourne's south-side Arts, Events and Entertainment space giving event producers and performing artists a unique platform to feature a diverse selection of entertainment from Club events to Themed parties, Live music to Stage performances, Cabaret to Burlesque, Screen to Art installations with Saint Martins small "Food for the Soul"’ menu available on show nights to add to your night out.

StMP is a fully licensed venue, also available for private functions, social group gatherings, music/product launch parties, film/TV/music video/photo shoot location and wrap parties, cultural ceremonies ect...

Our creative team is here to assist you to easily and smoothly realise your special event, exhibition, function or party whether it be for 30 or 350 guests, where we are experienced and equipped to cater to your needs and requirements.

It is our mission to provide a unique, well-managed social space and we are excited to open the doors and have you explore this iconic venue.

Saint Martins Place . . . Your Heavenly Intervention!!