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Cherub’s Feast (Burlesque Underground)

November 2, 2018 @ 7:00 pm

The Burlesque Underground in association with StMP presents...

"... CHERUB'S FEAST ..."

"And in the Master's chambers...they gathered for the feast...

They stab it with their steely knives...but they just can't kill the beast..." - Hotel California (The Eagles)
Friends…family…fiends and fornicators…welcome once again to Jerald Black’s Funday….a bacchanal of degenerate delights for the discerning libertine. From far and wide the world’s upper crust have come on this most Hallowed Eve to gorge on epicurean pleasures, in a world of high class and no morals, where innocence is bought and sold with the passing of coin, and the only thing off limits is to tell…
On this very special evening, as the Circle of Seven gather to celebrate five long years of decadent devilry, you are called to bear witness to the dawn of a new era...to join the Cherubs in feasting on the flesh of the young, and to take your place around the table amongst the chosen.
SERAPHS and CHERUBIM…a Cherub's Blood aperitif and sweet delectations will be provided in the Salon shortly after your arrival to help speed your way into carnal comfort as the firstborn heirs of the Seven Families attend to your needs. Then, once the festivities are underway, you will be escorted to your table and given pride of place amongst the elite, ready for the feast to follow. During the course of the evening you will be served a Cherub's Feast tasting platter, and join in the feast itself alongside the members of the Seven Families...
OPHANIM…will enjoy the company of the Seven Families and their associates within the Main Estate and rub shoulders with the creme de la creme until being summoned by the cherubs to join the descent into depravity within the Celestial Hall.
Dress is to be formal attire, and masks are essential to protect the privacy and identities of our patronage. The Black Family of course ensures your continued safety throughout the evening.
Come and experience Funday from times gone by...on a night that is set to change the destinies of many an Underground denizen forever...
* * *
From the creator of The Burlesque Underground, and one of the twisted minds behind Bohemia’s Black Sundays and Atrocity - Cabaret & Burlesque du Grand Guignol comes an immersive All Hallow’s Eve Masquerade experience that is not for the faint of heart. Join the degenerates of the Burlesque Underground for an evening of hedonistic horror, interactive dark theatre and improvised roleplay that will leave you questioning your morals and the nature of right and wrong.
Featuring cabaret, theatre and dark burlesque performances and pop-up improvised role-play…it’s time to screw your courage to the sticking place and brave the journey into a libertine world without conscience.
You’ve nothing to lose…but your soul.

Interactive - Role-playing - Burlesque - Cabaret


"Subversive...unexpected...dark and sensual" - Australian Stage    |    "Nothing short of fabulous..." - Hidden Places Secret Spaces    |    "Fast, kooky, goofy and lusty..." -Laneway

Note: The Burlesque Underground is strictly for adults 18+. Cherub's Feast will contain gore, simulated violence, simulated drug use, partial nudity, coarse language, and images, concepts and themes that may trigger or offend. Trigger warnings apply. All scripted and improvised role-play is safe, sane and consensual. All performers in the Burlesque Underground are over 18 years of age.

Respecting the privacy for the Black family, we do not allow photos of the performances...though you are welcome to take selfies and candid snaps of your evening with the cast.

We are an all embracing GLBTIQ and Alternative Lifestyle friendly/safe event.

Bookings are recommended, secure your ticket on-line now.
On-line bookings close at 5pm on show day.
Limited tickets may be available on the door, if not sold out prior.

- - - - -

Can't make the main shindig?
Join the Black Family for a salacious after party from 10pm til 2am.

$15 - VIP After party only 

- - - - -

Click here to Pre-Book your tickets:  www.trybooking.com/432151

$59 - Reserved Stage-Side Table Premium package (limited available - see details below).
$59 - Reserved High Table Premium package (limited available - see details below).
$35 - General Entry
$30 - Concession
* * * * * * *
CHERUBIM and SERAPHIM tickets include:
- Cherub's Blood aperitif and select sweets served shortly after arrival within the Salon.
- Live-action theatrical role-playing access and optional involvement from 7pm til 3am.
- Priority Seating within the Celestial Hall for staged performances and show.
- A Cherub's Feast Taster served during evening by the Funday Treasures.
- After-party access with the Seven Families, Cast, Crew and Associates.
* * *
CHERUB'S FEAST TASTER INCLUDES: Three cheese ‘brain’ ball with sundried tomato ooze & cherub’s finger bread sticks (contains dairy & pine-nuts) plus Cherub's Blood aperitif
* * *
OPHANIM tickets include:
- Live-action theatrical role-playing access and optional involvement from 7pm til 3am.
- General Seating within the Celestial Hall for staged performances and show.
- After-party access with the Seven Families and Associates.
- OPTIONAL extra: Cherub's Feast Tasting Platter and drink on arrival.

Doors, Bar, Lounge, Courtyard: 7pm - 10pm
Small "Food for the Heart" Menu: from 7pm


Improvised roving performance play: from 7pm

Showroom: From approx. 7.45pm
Onstage Show: From approx 8pm
VIP Afterparty: Doors 10pm. Party post-show til 2am.


Show & Ticket Enq:
0403 405 575


Venue Enq:
0412 510 424
Mon - Fri 12pm - 8pm  |  Sat - Sun after 3pm


Mostly Free on-street parking from 6pm
(please observe parking signs)

Ground Floor
374 St Kilda Road,
ST KILDA, Victoria 3182

Located on the corner of St Kilda Road and Martin Street,
between Inkerman and Carlisle Steet's
entry is via Martin Street


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